What To Trade On Forex

Forex Platinum Trading has more than 17 years of experience in forex trading in Australia and around the globe. Our professional education experts are more than qualified to teach you how to trade and can recommend the best forex currency pairs to trade. Discover how our educational services can help you transform into a confident and charismatic trader.


What is forex trading?

Foreign exchange trading is the process of purchasing and selling currencies to generate a profit. The forex market is the world's largest and most versatile financial market, with hundreds of thousands of daily transactions. The forex market is filled with opportunities for traders looking to turn a profit — but it can also be full of risk.

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What to trade on forex — common currency pairs traded

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned trader, one of the skills you’ll need to pick up is recognising the best currencies to trade in forex. Among common currency pairs are major pairs, these are the most heavily traded currencies on the market and are most commonly recognised as four main types, they are:

  • EUR/USD — This currency pair is the shortened term for Euro against the U.S dollar. This is the most liquid currency pair and experiences the highest volume of trades. It also makes for the least volatile current pair and is generally considered a ‘safe’ pair to trade in.
  • USD/JPY — The shortened term for the U.S. dollar and Japanese yen and, like the EUR/USD currency pair, is a safe haven for traders. This is because the Japanese economy is the world’s third largest national economy, plus the pair has the U.S dollar as the base currency.
  • GBP/USD — This is the abbreviation for the British pound and the U.S dollar. The GDP/USD currency pair is the third most traded currency on the market, accounting for 11% of the forex market share.
  • USD/CHF — This currency pair is the shortened term for the U.S dollar and Swiss Franc. Many economic indicators heavily influence the value of this currency pair, such as employment and interest rates, though it is still considered a stable pair.


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